Concrete finishing is the process of adding a top layer of texture or color to your concrete. Concrete finishing is a fantastic way to customize your concrete even further so that it has more dimension and structure and is not merely smooth and gray. We can assist with concrete finishing that is aligned with your preferences or can show you options available to finish your concrete with if you’re unsure or need some inspiration. You can choose to have your concrete stamped, stained, polished, or finished off with edging, a broom finish, or a raised aggregate finish.
Types of Finishes
As mentioned previously, there are a variety of finishes that you can choose from for your concrete. The ones that we recommend, in particular, include concrete stamping, concrete staining, polished concrete, or textured finishes that encompass concrete edging, a broom finish, or a raised aggregate that exposes the natural texture and finishes of the smaller stones. Depending on your needs and the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve with your concrete, we can assist in installing and customizing your concrete to your liking so that it fits your needs and complements your home perfectly.
Regardless of what type of concrete finish you decide to choose, your concrete will need to dry in place so that it can continue to serve you for many years. Concrete that has not been poured properly or had the appropriate amount of time to dry will succumb to premature damages in the future that can be costly to repair and can alter the integrity of your concrete as a whole. To avoid this, we recommend extended drying times for your concrete to be extra safe and so that your concrete will be even more durable in the long run.
When your concrete has completed drying, it will then need to be sealed. Using concrete that hasn’t been sealed isn’t necessarily a problem, but it does mean you can expect your concrete to encounter more minor damages and potential deterioration before you’ve really had much use out of it. We always recommend sealing your concrete if you want to prolong the use and lifespan of your concrete, as sealing it can ensure that any finish you have will set in place and won’t budge or become damaged with ongoing and regular use. This also includes protection against outdoor elements.
All of our professional concrete services are delivered straight to your doorstep by our team of certified and licensed concrete contractors. We have extensive experience in providing the highest standard of professional concrete available and even more so when it comes to customizing your concrete in a way that helps it stand out amongst the rest. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the level of service we are able to offer you at an affordable rate. We strive to make all of our concrete services accessible to everyone in the area and hope to customize your concrete so that it is as unique as you are!