Concrete has long been used for patio surfaces because it provides the best of both worlds when it comes to resistance and durability. Offering heat and water-resistance, concrete serves as the perfect building material for your patio because it means your patio can be used for a variety of purposes, including hosting your patio furniture, your outdoor grill and kitchen, and even your waterfall or surrounding gardens. You can choose from poured concrete into a larger frame, or we can install concrete slabs as well, depending on the layout and design you want for your patio.
Concrete Patios
We typically recommend concrete for any patio project because concrete is extremely durable and offers you the versatility you need if you have a particular idea in mind for how to set up your patio or the layout of the patio. Concrete can be mixed and poured into concrete pavers, concrete slabs, or a larger concrete surface area where you want the concrete to harden on top of an area and offer comfort and support. We can also install concrete stairs, steps, and ledges so that your entire outdoor area is better connected with your concrete patio.
Concrete Porches
If you appreciate concrete for your patio, then you’ll definitely want to consider concrete for your porch. Your porch is also an area that is regularly exposed to the outdoor elements, even if it is covered. For this reason, you’ll want a durable building material that doesn’t easily succumb to heat or water damages. Concrete serves as the prime building material for this purpose. We can install concrete for front and back porches, as well as wraparound porches and side entrance porches that connect to your driveway or serve as another entrance to your home.
Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are solid walls that are erected to add support to outdoor areas that are multilevel, where certain parts of the landscape hold more soil that could lead to erosion, if not without the extra strength that a retaining wall can provide. We recommend using concrete for outdoor retaining wall projects because concrete is solid and secure, meaning you won’t have to worry about soil eroding through any cracks or crevices. Concrete retaining walls are sure to give you the strength and support you need to hold your extra, multilevel soil in place and protect the rest of your garden and landscape from potential erosion.
One of the main reasons that we enjoy concrete is because it is heat-resistant. This means that concrete can be poured onto outdoor surfaces and won’t become damaged when exposed to fluctuating temperatures and extensive heat. While you may feel your concrete warming up during the summer when the sun is at its peak, you can rest easy knowing that the heat itself will not damage your concrete or leave behind long-lasting damages that you can’t repair or would be expensive to repair. This makes concrete the perfect outdoor material for your patio, deck, porch, steps, stairs, or retaining wall.