If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your standard looking concrete, then how about concrete stamping? Concrete stamping is the process of adding a stencil to the top layer of wet concrete before it’s dried that allows the design to take shape once the concrete sets. This will leave your concrete with more texture and dimension than before, and we can provide designs or patterns that even mimic other building materials, including brick and stone. With stamped concrete, you can take control of how you want your concrete to look and customize it to your liking!
What is Stamped Concrete?
Stamped concrete utilizes a stencil that is applied to the top layer of your existing and wet concrete, which allows it to dry in the desired shape or form. The stencil is used across the entire surface of your concrete and only presses into the concrete enough to create the design, but without breaking the concrete itself. Stamping your concrete is easy and can be done by our team of professionals when you install new or fresh concrete or decide later on that you’d like to customize it further with a pattern.
If you want to stamp your concrete but aren’t sure what design to choose from, we can assist in helping you find the perfect design or pattern. We welcome you to look through our catalog of previous works so that you can get an idea of the types of designs we offer and can perform. We have various stencils and can even customize a design for you if you find that you want to combine patterns or haven’t found one that’s exactly perfect for you. Our team has experience in providing design advice and feedback as well, so you can trust that you’re getting professional care when you need design advice on your stamped concrete.
The appearance of your concrete will be stunning once you decide to stamp it. Not only can it add texture to your otherwise dull surface, but it can also mimic more expensive building materials, such as stone or brick. Many choose to stamp their concrete in the shape of larger stones or brick because it provides the concrete with a unique design, but the concrete still maintains the same standard of durability and strength. If you want to improve the appearance of your concrete, stamping it is definitely the way to go – and fortunately, we’re the professionals in concrete stamping!
Concrete Staining
Another way to enhance your concrete or, to combine it with your stamped concrete, is to stain your concrete. Staining your concrete is done by adding a light dye to the top layer of your concrete so that it can penetrate the surface and provide a natural and desired hue. You can choose to stain your concrete by itself or to stain and stamp it together to add more dimension and beauty to your surface. Either way, we’re here to help improve the appearance of your concrete in every aspect.